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Pipe and drape seems simple enough, right? But the difference is in the details. We use top of the line fabrics and train our install crew to be careful with the details, so you get professional pipe and drape every time!


At up to 20' High, our velour drape is medium-weight, Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) panels have a brushed low pile.  ENCORE™ velour is the most popular synthetic velour in the entertainment industry. 


Made of 100% Avora® polyester, our velour drapes are totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant, and ideal for outdoor venues and high humidity climates, and masking. And, because it doesn't hold wrinkles, it's great for touring shows.


Height: up to 20'H

Product weight: 1.4 pounds per linear yard

IMO certified.


This product is also rated for its acoustical properties:

Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC: 1.00
Sound Absorption Average SAA: 0.99

CAFM reg. #F-52101
Meets British FR Standards for Drapery Fabrics

Velour Pipe and Drape - up to 20'H

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