Introducing--The Chevron Panel

.Trendy. Classy. Chic.

We are excited to present Impression Panels with a twist -- the Chevron Panel

If you are looking for an accent back drop that will enhance your show, look no further!

Chevron Panels are the perfect item to create the moment your show needs.

This backdrop can be a center piece with eye-catching flare. There are thousands of amazing configurations that come together to communicate your message. Even use a printed logo panel to brand your event. Chevron Panels have clean angles and are directional. So whether your company's desire is for upward or forward movement these panels are a stunning visual aid to reinforce that momentum.

Right) Here is our three dimensional Honeycomb backdrop on display at the Embassy Suites for a conference for TNTechnology.

Left) Here is a fresh and hot off the press dye sublimation, printed fabric display for NFL Champ, David Akers.

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