The Worthy "Why"

Orange Conference

Duluth, Georgia

Over 6,000 people who are involved in children's and youth ministry gathered at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Georgia for the Orange Conference to learn how to make the most of every phase in each kid's life.

At Blue Nova Designs, it is our great pleasure to serve alongside such wonderful people at such a worthy event. Children's pastors serve our children diligently each and every week. It fills us with purpose to do something meaningful to let them know how much we appreciate what they do in ministering to kids around our great nation. This is the reason we come to work every day and help pull off these events.

We had the pleasure of working with Ryan Boone and his team to conceptualize the set pieces for all 17 break-out stages. They wanted the look for each stage to stay consistent with their marketing look-and-feel for the conference. So, we offered up several treatments and then landed on the new Slant Walls.

Starting with a White Flat backwall, we created life-size panels the echoed their powerful Phase theme. We were able to create a physical presence for an abstract idea that brought cohesion to strongly brand the entire live event.

For the Orange Conference, our team was also commissioned to build an amazing 150 foot arena-size chalk board wall in the concourse. Our undertaking of the project included conception, building, installation, and tear down.

Christian Alliance for Orphans Hendersonville, TN We were pleased to have CAFO Summit back in Nashville this year! The event took place at Long Hollow Baptist Church where thousands of leaders, pastors, foster and adoptive parents, and orphan advocates from 35 countries came together to explore the many aspects of caring for orphans with Christian love. The focus being on effective foster care, adoption, family preservation and global orphan ministry.

Blue Nova came alongside Elizabeth Weibe and her team to support them and their exhibitors. The CAFO Conference had 109 exhibitors. Blue Nova was responsible for measuring out the space, plotting booth layout, providing creative options, installation, and tear down for this event. Adding a creative visual element, we displayed our new Trailblazer Panels!

We are honored to offer our hard work and creativity to such a cause and a wonderful organization.