Vlog - LDI Days 2 & 3

Hi it's Wednesday, October 21st, the 3rd day of LDI. And today we are starting off with a continental breakfast at the Master Lighting Series class. Hi We are here at the LDI exhibit hall. And we are almost done with our booth. And V'nai has come to join us and get us ready for the show. And we are taking some classes. Really excited about a bunch of classes that we have coming up. Learning about projection, and projection surfaces in fabric, and some knot tying and rigging classes. So there is a lot lined up for today and we are so excited to share it with you. We are going to show you around the exhibit hall while everyone is setting up. All of the booths are starting to come together. Let's go take a look around!

Remember to stop by the Blue Nova Designs booth at the LDI Exhibit Hall. Doors open Friday, October 23rd at 10am. We are booth #340! Come see us :)